Tuesday, October 9, 2007

SPAM: American Income Life Insurance Company

This woman does not give up!!! This time there were images in the email, but my default is not to view them as a precaution. Also, who the heck is fowarding my resume to them all the time, and does she realise she is sending me multiple emails.

The truthful answer... noone... who knows... who cares... SPAM

from DAVID ZOPHIN <Recruiting.ail.2.12522.46631062l@americanincome.jobs>
date Oct 9, 2007 12:00 PM
subject your resume was forwarded to us, we would like to schedule an interview
mailed-by tmkrmssmtp1.tmkrms.com
My name is Kathy Konopacki. I am the Assistant Director of Human Resources with American Income Life Insurance Company. Your resume was forwarded to me, and I have a few questions.
Please let me know the best number and time to reach you or call me at (860) 632-0061 x108. I look forward to hearing from you.
Kathy KonopackiAssistant Director of Human ResourcesAmerican Income Life(860) 632-0061 x108
We would like to keep you updated on exciting job opportunities at American Income Life Insurance Company; we will continue to alert you when we have opening at our local offices. You received this email because you placed your resume on an internet job board or responded to one of our job ads. To remove your email address from our list, please do not reply to this email. This will not remove you from future emails. Instead, please use the link below to process your removal requests.
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Saturday, October 6, 2007

SPAM: Merchant Processing Services

At first I wasn't going to post this until I saw 2 more emails sent from powerjobapp. One email, I could consider as possibly legit, but three? SPAM! There website from the email address isn't much to look at either: http://powerjobapp.com/

from powerjobapp - Merchant Processing Services Telemarketing Representative <careers@powerjobapp.com>
reply-to careers@powerjobapp.com
date 06 Oct 2007 16:40:21 -0500
subject ____ , Are you interested in a Telemarketing Representative job?

Dear _____ ,

I am attempting to contact you in reference to an available position we are filling for our client Merchant Processing Services. The resume you have posted oinline indicates previous experience and skills that indicate you would be a match for their search criteria. I would like to extend an invitation to you to apply for this Telemarketing Representative position with our Client.

MPS is one of the premier Credit/Debit processors and is registered ISO/MSP for Bank of America, N.A. They along with their partners provide services to over 100,000 businesses across the nation in all major venues of commerce. MPS offers a variety of products and services with utmost in speed, reliability and flexibility. MPS management team offers more than 14 years of experience in the bankcard industry. Their experienced staff of professionals offers personal attention and support in different languages allowing us to deliver the best service and value to you, their customer.

They help each customer accept credit cards and other types of electronic payments, by establishing a merchant account that is tailored to the merchant's specific needs. Whether you need credit card processing for a retail store, restaurant, service provider, lodging, e-commerce, mail order / phone order, or business to business they are there with a knowledgeable staff to support the effort every step of the way.

Job Summary: Due to extensive growth, MPS needs to hire a Telemarketing Representative. Telemarketing is a method of direct marketing in which a salesperson uses the telephone to solicit prospective customers to buy products or services. As a Telemarketing Representative with MPS, you will be responsible for making 200+ outbound dials per day. The position requires 1-2 years of previous experience. Previous business to business (B2B) experience is helpful but not required.

If you are interested in joining Merchant Processing Services as a Telemarketing Representative, please click the link below and fill out the online application. If the link does not work, please copy and paste the address into your browser to go to the webpage.

Online applications will be processed over the course of the next week. Once we have received your completed online application we will contact you to schedule a personal interview.

Regards,Jill Martin

Friday, October 5, 2007

SPAM: Available Locksmith, powerjobapp

Very weird, the date of the email says 31 May 2003, but I received the email on October 5th... hmmmm.....
from powerjobapp - Available Locksmith Call Center Dispatch Representative <careers@powerjobapp.com>
reply-to careers@powerjobapp.com
date 31 May 2003 00:22:27 -0400
subject _____ , Concerning a Call Center Representative / Dispatch opportunity

Dear ____ ,

The qualifications and experiences you've listed on your resume prompted me to contact you regarding an available position we are attempting to fill for a client. Available Locksmith is looking for a CallCenterRepresentative and I feel that you may have the attributes they are seeking.

Available Locksmith was established to fulfill the need for a professional service and improve the level of customer service in the locksmith industry. They use experienced teams of well-trained professional technicians, to provide their clients with the most satisfying service possible.
They specialize in different type of services with the residential and commercial security, always using the top end technology from lock picking to high security systems installation. Available Locksmith offers a variety of services for residential, commercial and automotive needs, such as: lock change, re-key, lock-repair, high security locks, intercom systems, CCTV, alarm systems, car opening and all other security services. Their auto fleet is fully equipped with the latest technology and uses top quality brands in the security industry. They are a licensed, bonded and an insured locksmith corporation.

This is a 24/7 operating business, they advertise nationwide for towing and locksmith services. Customers call in to the call center and ask for their services. The dispatchers receive the incoming calls and are responsible to get all the necessary information. After getting the incoming call, they pass on the info to the technicians. The techs go to service the customer, and at the end of each job, they call back to the dispatch and run the credit for that specific job.
The dispatcher needs to be good at working with customers and organized dispatching techs to the jobs locations. The daily shifts that we have are from 8 am until 4pm, and from 4pm until 11 pm.

They offer an informal and friendly work environment. This position is great for students because they can serf the net and bring books to study while they’re working – as long as they do their job.

If you are interested in joining Available Locksmith as a CallCenterRepresentative, please click the link below and fill out the online application. If the link does not work, please copy and paste the address into your browser to go to the webpage.

I look forward to receiving confirmation of your online application from our Human Resources Department and scheduling a personal interview with you.
Best Regards,Douglas Schaeffer

I-wish_to be taken_off your_mailing list.